Rhinestone pins to invoke the charm in you

Are you bored of normal pins? Because we have news for you. Finox Brooch Pin has a whole collection of rhinestone pins you should check out. We want to let you know that we take wholesale orders on rhinestone pins. We aim to satisfying customers who desire that extra sparkle in life.

What are Rhinestone pins?

Rhinestones are crystal glass pieces fashioned to look like diamonds that are used in making affordable jewelry. They are identical to diamonds and offer the glitz and shine everybody looks for in a diamond. Apart from jewelry, it is also used in apparel. These stones are carefully attached to lapel pins or brooch pins in different patterns or sizes to enhance their beauty or attract extra attention. Rhinestone pins are an accessory as well as functional in nature.

Rhinestone pins at Finox

At Finox, we have a dedicated collection of rhinestone pins made from affordable yet dainty stones. The pins come in various shapes and colors embedded with attractive rhinestones. Go through our collection to see what suits your liking.

Rhinestone pin uses

  • Our collection of rhinestone pins is crafted to enhance the beauty of your dresses and suits, and help people recognize you as part of a club/ team/group.
  • Ornate pins with tiny rhinestones elevate the wearer’s grace no matter what the occasion is.
  • Accessories yourselves with our rhinestone pins if you are attending a formal dinner, a business party, a family gathering or even a wedding. We promise you ill be the ultimate show stealer and all eyes will be on you.
  • You may even gift our rhinestone pins to your loved ones and take their charm to the next level. Let them know how much you care for them.
  • Add the necessary bling to your life with our rhinestone pin collection. The extra sparkle of our pins ensures that they look expensive and worth the price.

Finox Rhinestone pins

Our pins are made of the highest quality metal and stones which last long and are worth the price. We sell pins that are priced between 0.48 – 2.35 dollars. We have thorough quality assurance procedures to ensure customer satisfaction. Order rhinestone pins for wholesale and experience the quality we offer yourselves. If you are a regular customer, we like to express our gratitude via offers and discounts at the time of purchase. Note that discounts are often applied in bulk purchases. Visit our website for purchase from the collection.

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